For business

We offer our products B2B to food producers and retailers at wholesale prices.

  • Moree SmartPack Pro - 5kg

    Our 5kg SmartPacks pro are ideal for delivering food products to your B2B customers. With MOQs from just 100 units, you can start testing our reusable system with just a few selected clients.

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  • Moree SmartPack Mini - 500g

    The 500g SmartPack is designed for two use-cases:
    1. DTC brands that wish to sell in reusable packaging to their regular customers who then return it for refill.
    2. Refill stores that want to sell our reusable pouches to customers to take home and reuse over and over.

  • Moree IcePack

    If you deliver fresh food to your customers' doorsteps, this is a great additional product to sell to them for keeping their grocery delivery fresher for longer!

    Product Data Sheet 

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