Software for tracking reusable packaging & producing data on waste/carbon/cost savings.

  • Easy scanning via QR/RFID
  • Database of your customers
  • Custom rewards for returns
  • ESG data reports

Starting from just £25/month for small brands.


MoreeOS Platform

A simple and intuitive platform for tracking all of your Moree reusable packaging units. See which units are with which customer, send them reminders and keep track of returns and number of usage. Get data reports on plastic/carbon and cost savings.


MoreeOS App

Simply log in to MoreeOS on any mobile browser to scan packaging when dispatching it to customers and receiving it back from them. Each SmartPack has a unique QR code, so you can track each unit's status and full history. It's fast, reliable and user-friendly and only takes a few seconds.


RFID Scanning

For companies that need bigger quantities of SmartPacks, we offer tags with RFIDs that can be scanned in bulk with RFID scanners.

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