Be part of the Reuse Revolution

Packaging waste is choking our planet...
Our mission is to make single use packaging a thing of the past.

ditch single-use packaging with

Smart Reusable Packaging

Our flagship reusable packs for dry foods like coffee, cereals, nuts, pet food, etc. 

  • Wholesale & Retail sizes
  • 100+ reuses
  • Durable, light, washable
  • Connect to MoreeOS
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Increase returns with

MoreeOS tracking app

Software for businesses to help track their reusable packaging & savings data

  • Easy scanning via QR/RFID
  • Database of your customers
  • Custom rewards for returns
  • ESG data reports (plastic/carbon/cost)
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Keep your groceries cooooool with

IcePack coolers

100% Silicone IcePacks for keeping groceries and deliveries cool and fresh.

  • Stay coooool for 12+ hrs
  • Foodsafe & Durable
  • Easy to clean & reuse
  • Unique versatile design
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Say hasta-la-vista to single-use

Moree helps food brands and everyday consumers say goodbye to single-use packaging waste!
We've developed a range of Smart Innovative Reusable packaging solutions for food.