reusable packaging
for your
Reusable and returnable packaging
more reuse/
less waste/
more reuse/
less waste/

<moree> is a universal tech platform that helps food and FMCG brands easily switch to reusable packaging.

single use plastic packaging waste choking planet

packaging waste is choking our planet and we’re on a mission to make single use packaging a thing of the past.

"Really love the direction of <moree>. It definitely addresses a pain point for us and gives us a new comp edge!"

“I'd really love to do this with you !
I feel we're much aligned and
we’re very keen to pilot this.”

"I've been trying to solve this for over 2 years so would love to try <moree>"

Alpaca Coffee

Nibs Granola

Balm etc

Victoria, CEO
Chloe, CEO
Courtney, CEO

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