We want to make single use packaging a thing of the past.

Clare and Dejan met in 2008 and have since then worked together. They found common ground in their creative and engineering backgrounds and joined Clare’s sustainability expertise and Dejan’s entrepreneurial passion to work on some of the world’s most pressing challenges. During these 14 years we helped huge multinationals like Sainsbury’s, M&S and McDonald’s, as well as small start-ups develop circular economy solutions.

Over the last few years, more and more brands approached us to help them switch to sustainable packaging (whatever that means). And the truth is, there’s no silver bullet - recyclable is rubbish (as only 6% actually gets properly recycled), Compostable/Biodegradable is confusing and lacks infrastructure (so again, it’s rubbish) and the only truly sustainable option - reusable - is freakin’ hard to set up and manage as an individual brand!

This is where we realised a big opportunity for <moree> - a universal tech platform that helps Food and FMCG brands switch to reusable packaging. Think of us like a private digital 21st century milkman service for your brand - helping you with packaging sourcing, deliveries, returns, washing and tracking of the packaging, through one end-to-end solution! So that you can get on with your business and let us help you get rid of packaging waste!

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